Tech for Romance

Creating a man-cave is one thing, but a couple’s cave? With the right high-tech gear, you can transform any room into a romantic sanctuary for two. Here are all the devices you will need to conjure up the ideal love nest.

Romantic Movie Watching

A classic romance or romantic comedy plays out better on a high-quality, high-def TV. Consider an impressive 65” SamsungQLED TV with stunning color. And as a Smart TV, the romantic lineup is ready to go from famous movie kisses to the most memorable romantic couples in film history. Consider flicks like When Harry Met Seattle for a few laughs, then maybe the Notebook in rich Samsung color.

Romantic Music in Surround Sound

Imagine sweeping, sultry music filling the room. It’s possible with an epic Sumsung home theater system including wireless speakers properly placed to pipe swooning tunes from every corner. Listen to R&B classics or moving classical music with amazing sound quality as you snuggle on the couch. Make sure the volume is just right when listening to Barry White or her favorite songlist of romantic hits. Pre-set the tracks so they set the mood for a perfectly arranged romantic evening whole enjoying a candlelit dinner and a glass of Chardonnay.

The Perfect Time for Couple Selfies

Romance isn’t always smooching, it can be fun. Take a few couple selfies to send off to your friends. Use a Samsung Galaxy S to take a sharp pic of your evening kiss, a quick snapshot of the two of you clinking your wine glasses together, and a text to all your pals that the night is just heating up. Who knows, there may be a romantic full moon or a starry night. Capture the moment together with your phone and post to Facebook, so the world knows what a romantic night really looks like.

Gearing Up for Romance

Have your romantic night planned out? Then get the right gear to make it a memorable evening. Go to Samsung to see all the TVs, phones and high-tech audio to enhance the night together. Start with some sensational savings with this Samsung coupon and enjoy your romantic evening on a budget.

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